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We all want to find the perfect makeup tips for natural look; whether itís lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadows, foundations or concealerís but we all want to find the ones which are going to work with our skin and not be harsh as other big brand names can be.

beautiful makeupSometimes itís because of harsh chemicals that can be found in most of the cosmetic products around and it can be hard for those with sensitive skin to find make-up that wonít mask your face.

For brands that mask your face because of them being thicker and doesnít allow your skin to breathe are ones you really have to avoid because they will clog your pores. F

inding make-up which is less harmful can be best though now in these times, weíre finding it more difficult as we all that finding money tighter is becoming and are looking for make your own make-up instead.

makeupIf you chose to make your own make-up then it can start off as an experiment or even a hobby to begin with; the only trouble is knowing which ingredients you are going to need and that while creating your make-up, that you and the product is safe to use on your skin.

First of all, buy your ingredients that you will need; any earth based materials and bases already made Ė lotions unscented and herbs, oil etc. Search for a recipe Ė it may sound strange but you need to look for one so you know how to get started and for beginners just a little face wash could be best. Follow the instructions carefully if you begin to try your hand at more and more different and complex recipes. Trial runs and testing on yourself could be best before you start handing out products to your friends and family Ė just in case.

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